peel real oynoun
peel real oynoun

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03. Stilleven rond een bord met uien

A painting by Vincent van Gogh depicting several peel real oynoun It is part of the collection of Kröller Müller.

This painting on the right was formerly known as Red Cabbages and Onion. After a second look, these are not onions, but pieces of garlic. Same family (Allium), but different.
See this and this article for more information.

"The optimistic note sounded by the candle flame is underlined by the presence of the sprouting onions, taken from his Yellow Chair (a 'self-portrait')."

On his painting The Yellow Chair, there are also sprouting onions depicted.

"In Van Gogh's Chair, the onions represent nature, i.e. painting from reality."

And here is another still-life, an earlier work, with onions.