peel real oynoun
peel real oynoun

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02. Die Frau Mit den 5 Elefanten

Excerpt from Die Frau Mit den 5 Elefanten (2009) by Vadim Jendreyko.
The film is about Svetlana Geier, who translated two times the five biggest novels by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

"An onion has no centre.
When one cuts through an onion one does not find a central point.
The onion has an objective.
The objective of an onion is the new onion.
This is basically where the idea begins.
In Dostoyevsky's novels there is always a cadence, the story within the story that is not directly associated with the plot, but which, like an onion within an onion, is in fact the core of the whole thing.
And there is the comparison to people, because existence itself cannot be the objective people strive for.
It is only justified by the fact that it is the way to something that transcends it."