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30. Green Onions

A song by Booker T. & the M.G.'s. Their debut album has the same name.

According to Booker T. Jones, the composition was originally to be called "Funky Onions", but the sister of Jim Stewart thought it "sounded like a cuss word"; it was therefore renamed "Green Onions". According to Cropper, the title is not a marijuana reference; rather, the track is named after the Green Badger's cat, Green Onions, whose way of walking inspired the riff. On a broadcast of the radio program Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! on June 24, 2013, Jones was asked about the title and said, "The bass player thought it was so funky, he wanted to call it 'Funky Onions', but they thought that was too low-class, so we used 'Green Onions' instead."

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'Let's name it onions.'
We said, 'Onions? Why?'
And he said, 'Cause that's the stankinest music I ever heard!' I jumped in there and I said, 'Well, that’s a little negative. Onions make people cry and not everybody likes onions, but what about green onions?"

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