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19. Modern onion has no purpose

"Sometimes you cut an onion and hey, like some kind of matryoshka, there is a second hard brown skin hidden inside, an onion inside an onion. What is that second skin doing there?"

Read the article in Dutch and in English.

In the article Chris de Visser is interviewed. He is a 'specialist' on onions and was general project manager of Uireka.

"Uireka is a unique chain project in which the entire onion chain participates. For the first 3 years of the project (2017-2019), the project goal was to improve quality and thus strengthen the export position of the Dutch onion. From 2020, Uireka focuses on strengthening the sustainability and resilience of onion cultivation."

He also attended one of the editions of Hazera's Onion Study Tour as you can read on the website

Hazera is 'a global leader' in the seed industry. You can read something about 'the future of the onion' on their website.
Here you can see what kind of onion (seeds) they sell.